Science and technology popularizing projects

Oil Exploration Engineering Technologies

  • Technology of geophysical comprehensive prospecting

  • Technology of interpretation Method & application of inter-well tracer testing

  • Technology of assessing & dividing low-Permeability reservoir based on well logging data

Oil Drilling & production Technologies

  • Oil prospecting with wave field and high power vibrating technology

  • Oil prospecting with high power electromagnetic wave & chemical integrated intensification

  • High energy gas compression fracture & composite technology

  • Temporary blocking diversion agent in the refracturing reformation of oil-water well

  • In situ self-grow CO2 & chemicals for reduction of viscosity and huff and puff technique

  • The flooding with surface promoting agent in low-pressure and low- permeability reservoir

  • Deep profile control in low-, super-low- permeability reservoir

  • Oil-water well plugging of channeling and leakages technique

  • The collaborative designing system of integrated drilling engineering

  • The accident diagnosis and dealing & intelligent decision -making supporting system of complicated drilling

Oil chemistry & chemical engineering technology

  • Oily sewage processing & recycling technique

  • Car-carrying operation waste liquor obturation processing instrument

  • Recycling of oily mud into high- strength concrete additive technique

  • Low damage organic phosphate fracturing fluid gelling agent

  • Non-HDS and heavy metal removing of oil and related products

  • Multipurpose reuse of the caustic sludge in petrochemical enterprises

  • Multipurpose reuse of mahogany acid

Oil machinery technology

  • Modern BTA technique

  • Down-hole tools for high-pressure and high temperature deep wells & pipe string mechanic analysis technique

  • Electro-motion submersible all-metal multi-screw pump technique

  • Vertical masonry joint sieve vessel welding technique

Testing technoloy

  • The optical fibre & raster sensoring and transmitting technique

  • Tri-component induction logger

  • Down-hole discharge measuring technique

  • The transient electromagnetic prospecting technique of the remaining oil in the well

  • The on-line monitoring technique of sand removing in high-density oil production

  • Bushing flaw detecting instrument

  • Software on data simulation & processing of induction prospecting

  • Multi-sublayer well testing instrument

  • The on-line monitoring technique of erosion

  • High temperature dynamic testing instrument of erosion

Oil-gas fields automatics

  • The electric control system of electricity-powered borers

  • The automatics on pump control & adjustability of pump baric flow

  • The intelligent transducer control system of the totally closed rings of oil extractors

  • The computer-based control system of oil gathering station