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The authorization point of the master's degree program in Chinese International Education of our university has passed the special evaluation of the A

A few days ago, our universtiy received a notice from the State Council's Degree Office for the National Chinese International Education Professional Degree Graduate Education Steering Committee. The authorization point for the Chinese International Education Master's degree program passed the qualification assessment.

Our universtiy's master's degree in Chinese international education is clearly defined and clearly defined. It emphasizes practical ability training. Based on the advantages of energy cooperation between the countries along the “Belt and Road”,our universtiy has established an internship base overseas and dispatched volunteers to overseas. Internships to improve students' teaching practice. The degree authorization point has trained a group of senior professionals with petroleum background knowledge, competent Chinese international education and cultural communication, international vision and pioneering development, and achieved fruitful results.

At this point, our universtiy's 2018 master's authorization point special evaluation work was successfully completed, and the two professional degree authorization points (translation and Chinese international education master's degree) who participated in the special evaluation were all qualified and successfully passed the special evaluation.

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