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Key Special Laboratory

1Feature Majors    

    National Feature Majors
       (1) computer science and technology 
       (2) resource prospecting engineering     
       (3) Oil Engineering     
       (4) technology and equipment of observing and controlling    
       (5) mechanical design and manufacture  & its automation
   Provincial Feature Majors 
       (1) measurement-control technology  & instrument        
       (2) mechanical design and manufacture & its automation
       (3) Oil Engineering                
       (4) computer science and technology        
       (5) accounting                  
       (6) resources exploration engineering            
       (7) oil storage & transport 

       (8) process equipment   & control engineering 
       (9) software engineering     
       (10) material forming   & control engineering 
   Provincial Brand Majors 
       (1) Oil Engineering                               
       (2) technology and equipment of observing and 

       (3) mechanical design and manufacture & its automation               
       (4) computer science and technology            
       (5) process equipment & control engineering

2Key Disciplines  


Category of provincial key    disciplines



Key Disciplines of    Shannxi provincial regular institutions of higher learning

Mechanical engineering

Peng Yong

Equipment science &


Dang Rui-Rong

material science &    technology

Shi Kai

computer science &    technology

Liu Tian-Shi

Chemistry engineering    & technology

Ni Bing-Hua

Oil & natural gas    engineering

Chen Jun-Bin

Feature discipline    development project on Philosophy & social science of Shannxi provincial    regular institutions of higher learning

oil-gas resources    assessing & management

Zhao Xuan-Min


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