Our university signed cooperation agreement with NIIT to build computer-related undergraduate programs

  From June 27th to 28th, Kamal Dhuper, NIIT globalvicepresident andpresident of China,Xu Haifeng,vicepresident of NIIT China, and Guo Hao,director ofnorthwestregion NIIT China visited ouruniversity and had a discussion ofstarting computer-relatedundergraduateprograms. Ouruniversity and NIIT finally reached an agreement and signed auniversity-enterprise cooperation agreement. According to the agreement, ouruniversity will introduce Indian NIIT undergraduate talent training program, teaching materials and teachers.It is expected tohave undergraduate students in the fields of big data, cloud computing, software engineering and other computer-relatedjoint programs in 2020.

On the afternoon of 27th, the two sides held ameeting in the first conference room of Yanta Campus. Vice President Chen Junbin presided over the meeting, and heads of the International Exchange and Cooperation Office, theTeaching AffairsOffice, and the School of Computer Science participated in the discussion. Before the meeting, Party Committee Secretary of CPC Sai Yunxiu met all the visitors in the VIP room of Yanta Campus Conference Center.

  On the morning of 28th,president LiTiantai signed cooperation agreement with NIIT on behalf ofour university.