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Vice President Li Hua Attends HSK International Education Exhibition in Russia, Belarus and Italy

From 18 to 27 May, at the invitation of the headquarters of the National Hanban/Confucius Institute and Moscow State Linguistic University, Belarusian National Technical University and Milan National University of Italy, Vice President Li Hua went to Russia and Italy to attend the HSK China Education Exhibition for Overseas Study, and visited Balarusian State University of Physical Culture and the Scientific Confucius Institute of Belarusian National Technical University accompanied by leaders of Graduate School and College of International Education.

On the 19th, the 2nd Russian HSK Education Exhibition for Overseas Studentsheld atMoscow State Linguistic University. During the exhibition, Vice President Litalked about cooperation with Vice President Gusheinova ofMoscow State Linguistic University, Foreign Dean of Confucius Institute of Moda and Sinologist Andrei Sereznev.

  On the 22nd, the delegation visited the Confucius Classroom ofBalarusian State University of Physical Culture and the Confucius Institute ofBelarusian National Technical University.

  On the 26th, the delegation participated in the 3rd HSK Education Exhibition for Overseas Students held atMoscow State Linguistic University. Vice President Li Hua visitedMoscow State Linguistic University and exchanged views with Vice PresidentBaldi Antonella, Foreign President of Confucius InstituteAlessandra Lavagnino, Chinese President Jin Zhigang, and ProfessorClara Bulfoni, head of HSK examination center.