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College of Petroleum Engineering

Developed from its predecessor—Oil-Field Development Department (founded in July 1958), the College of Petroleum Engineering is now one of the major colleges of XSYU. In 1995, it integrated the majors of drilling engineering, oil production engineering and reservoir engineering into the present major of petroleum engineering. In 1999, a new major of oil & gas storage and transportation engineering, and in 2010 , another major of offshore oil & gas engineering were added to its existing majors.

The college now claims 2 provincial key disciplines (oil & gas well engineering and oil & gas field development engineering), 1 joint-training Doctoral program (oil & gas field development engineering), and 5 Master’s programs (oil & gas field development engineering, oil & gas well engineering, oil & gas storage and transportation engineering, Unconventional oil & gas engineering and offshore oil & gas engineering).

Students and college staff members have access to numerous facilities on campus, such as the jointly-built National Engineering Laboratory, the Engineering Research Center of Ministry of Education, the Provincial Key Labs and so on.

With expanding cooperation and exchanges with numerous colleges and universities in countries like the United States, the UK and Russia, the College welcomes more cooperation in all workable forms.

Petroleum Engineering ( 4-year Undergraduate Program )

Engineering was assessed as Excellent Specialty of Shaan'xi province. Our major cultivates high-level specialized talents with basic knowledge of Engineering Course and Petroleum Engineering. Graduates should be able to engage in all sorts of work in engineering design, science & technology development, production management and field operation.

Key Courses: Basic Chemistry, Geological basis, Engineering Mechanics, Engineering Fluid Mechanics, Reservoir Physics, Permeation Fluid Mechanics, Basic Mechanical Design, Drilling Engineering, Oil Production Engineering, Reservoir Engineering, Reservoir Numerical Simulation, etc.

Oil & Gas Transportation Engineering ( 4-year Undergraduate Program )

The aim of the specialty is to foster advanced talents who have a solid knowledge and skill of Oil-gas Transportation Engineering as well as Engineering Construction. Graduates should be able to engage in all sorts of work in engineering design, field operation, sales and production management.

Key Courses: Basic Chemistry, Engineering Mechanics, Engineering Fluid Mechanics, Engineering Thermodynamics, Heat Transfer, Electrical and Electronic Engineering, Pump and Compressor, Oil Depot Design and Management, Oil-Gas Gathering and Transportation, Pipeline Design and Management, Oil Tank and Pipe Intension Design, Measuring Instrument and Automation, City Gas Distribution, Fuel Storage and Transportation, Oil-Gas Storage and Transportation safety, etc.

Offshore Oil & Gas Engineering ( 4-year Undergraduate Program )

Offshore oil & gas engineering covers 2 areas of specialization: offshore oil-gas drilling and completion, and offshore oil-gas production, Gathering and Transportation. We cultivate high-level specialized talents in areas of seafloor mineral resource development, management and exploration.

Key Courses: Oil-field Chemistry, Engineering Mechanics, Engineering Fluid Mechanics, Basic Mechanical Design, Offshore Oil-Gas Gathering and Transportation, Introduction to maritime affairs, Sea Environment and Petroleum Engineering, Offshore Platform Engineering and Equipment, Offshore Platform Instruments and Automation, Marine Corrosion and Protection and Multiphase Flow Theory.

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