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College of Electronic Engineering

The college of Electronic Engineering was reorganized from the former Department of Instrument and the Department of Automation in 2003.

The college consists of 3 departments (Instrument Dept., Automation Dept and Electronic Engineering Dept.), 1 Electronic & Electrical Teaching and Research Office and 6 specialized labs. The college now offers 6 undergraduate programs: Measuring & Control Techniques and Instruments, Automation, Electric Engineering and Its Automation, Electronic Information Engineering, Electronic Information Science and Technology, and Safety Engineering. Among them, the specialty of Measuring & Control Techniques and Instruments is a Brand Specialty granted by Shaanxi Provincial Education Committee in 2003 and it was awarded the “National Specialty” in 2010. It also offers 5 Master's programs: Measuring & Computation Technology and Instrument, Detecting Techniques and Automation Devices, Signal and Information Processing, Power Electronics and Power Transmission, and Precision Instrument and Machinery.

The college claims two key labs (“Logging Equipment and Technology” and “Down hole Measuring & Control”), and an Intendance and Inspection Center of the Quality of the Petroleum Instrument and Meter, all sponsored by CNPC; besides it also has 1 jointly-built laboratory and 2 key labs sponsored by Shaanxi province.

There are 90 faculty and staff members, including 12 professors (including 2 doctoral tutors), 29 associate professors (and/or senior engineers), 32 lecturers and 12 engineers. Out of them, 10 teachers have Ph.D. degrees and 47 Master’s, 11 teachers are awarded as the young backbone teachers of the university and 1 the school Excellent Teacher.

Measuring & Control Techniques and Instruments (4-year Undergraduate Program)

The specialty is a high and new technology-intensive discipline, integrating electronics, mechanism, optics, technique of transducer and computer information. The target is to cultivate senior engineers and technicians with innovating consciousness, well-knit basic theories and ability of computer and English use. The graduates are expected to engage in measuring and control techniques of modern instrument and meters in the oil industry, etc.

Key Courses: Fundamentals of Circuit Analysis, Fundamentals of Electronic Technology, Signal And System, Digital Transmission System and Principles, Automatic Control Principle, Digital Signal Process, Principles and Application of SCM, Error Theory and Data Processing, Sensor and Detection Technology, Logging Instrument Methods and Principles, Instrument Reliability Test, Logging Interpretation Methods,  Seismic Exploration Principles, Virtual Instrument, etc.

Electrical Engineering and Automation  ( 4-year Undergraduate Program )

The specialty involves both high and low voltage electricity and emphasizes field- work training experience. We cultivate students’ practical abilities in electrical engineering and control techniques, the operation and maintenance of the power supply system of oil companies in particular.

Key Courses: Fundamentals of Circuit Analysis, Fundamentals of Electronic Technology, Fundamentals of Electrical & Electronic Technology, ElectromechanicsComputer Principle And Application, Computer Network And Communication, Signal And System, Automatic Control Theory, Power System Analysis, Relay Protection In Power System, Electrical Equipments & Devices in Power Plants and Substation, Power System Optimization and Energy Saving, High Voltage Technology, etc.

Automation  ( 4-year Undergraduate Program )                           

The specialty involves both high and low voltage electricity and emphasizes field work training experience. Graduates are expected to do system analysis, system design, system operation and research work in electrical industries and information-related industries.

Key Courses: Fundamentals of Circuit Analysis, Fundamentals of Electronic Technology, Automatic Control Theory, Computer Principle and Application, Power Electronics, Fundamentals of Motor and Drive, Automation Instrument and Process Control, Signal and System, Project Testing Technique, Computer Network and Communications, Computer Control Techniques and etc.

Electronic Information Engineering  ( 4-year Undergraduate Program )

The specialty is an interdisciplinary specialty , integrating electronics and information engineering. The objective of the program is to produce senior technicians with the knowledge of electronic information science and technology, as well as the basic knowledge of humanities. The graduates are prepared to work in the electronics industry, communications and info-industry, enterprises and scientific research institutes.

Key Courses: Fundamentals of Circuit Analysis, Fundamentals of Electronic Technology, Signal And System, Principles of Automatic Control, Digital Signal Processing, Microcomputer Principles and Interface Technology, Embedded System Design, Information Theory and Coding, Modern Testing Technology, Electromagnetic Field and Electromagnetic Wave, Photoelectric Detection Technology, Sensor Technology and Its Application, Digital mage Simulation, Pattern Recognition, Application Of SCM, DSP Principle And Application, Principles of Modern Communications, and etc.

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