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College of Mechanical Engineering

The College of Mechanical Engineering was the former Department of Petroleum Mechanics , built in 1958 when Xi’an Petroleum Institute was built. College of Mechanical Engineering got its name in 2001. With 50 years of development, it has now become a significant one in the oil and petrochemical industry and in the Northwest region of China. The college is known for its good quality of education and high employment rate of graduates among  all the colleges of  the University.

It owns four Departments (namely, Department of Electromechanical Engineering, Department of Chemical Engineering MechanicsDepartment of Civil Engineering and Department of Industrial Design), six labs for undergraduates, three fundamental labs, one key lab, one CAD computer room and one reference room.

The college has two top-level mastership authorized disciplines – Mechanical Engineering and Power engineering & Engineering Thermo Physics. The former includes four majors – machinery manufacturing and automation, electromechanical engineering, mechanical design & the principles, and vehicle engineering, while the latter includes six majors – engineering thermo physics, thermal engineering, power machinery and engineering, fluid machinery and engineering, refrigeration and cryogenic engineering and chemical process equipment. The college offers six majors for undergraduates: mechanical design & manufacturing and automation, electromechanical engineering, process equipment and control engineering, thermal energy and power engineering, and industrial design and civil engineering.

Mechanical design & manufacturing and automation is one of the majors used by the “National Zhuoyue Engineers Training Program”, “National Feature Major” and “Provincial Key Major”. The Electromechanical Faculties were awarded as a “Provincial Model Team”. “Process Equipment and Control Engineering” is entitled as a “Provincial Feature Major” and “Key Major”, and the teaching faculties are also assessed as a “Provincial Model Team”. “Mechanical Design Basics”, “Engineering Mechanics” and “Process Equipment Design Basics and Product R&D” is entitled as a “Provincial Brand Course”. “Engineering Drawing” and “Process Fluid Mechanics” is entitled as a “Brand Course” of the University.

It claims one provincial mechanical engineering key discipline and one provincial Technology Centre. The college is open to technical exchanges and cooperation with other units, and has built up good cooperative relationships with Baoji Oil Equipment Corporation, Shanxi North Fenglei Industry Group, Jianhu County Government, Lanzhou Petrochemical Company, CNPC, Ningxia Petrochemical Company, CNPC and Luoyang Petrochemical Company, CINOPEC. Joint research centers of oil machinery, petrochemical machinery and depth boring etc have been built.

The faculties are well-configured in term of the professional titles, educational qualifications and age group. Among the 85 teachers, there are 20 professors and 30 associate professors (or senior engineer). 20 of them hold Ph.D., and 45 are qualified tutors of postgraduates or doctoral students. One is entitled “3-5 Talent” (nationally and provincially conferred title for high-ranking talents who are academic leaders in Shaanxi province, in China or in the world). One is entitled as a provincial “Teaching Master”.

There are currently over 2,000 undergraduates and over 100 postgraduates in the college. The employment rate for its graduates remains above 95% in the last 12 years. The graduates are employed in the oil fields, various units and enterprises all over the country. Many of them have become leaders or technical backbones of the unit.

The college lays great emphasis on cultivation of students’ comprehensive quality and abilities .It has been engaged in good cooperation with various enterprises and research organizations. In the last five years, it has undertaken more than 100 national or provincial scientific research projects or those commissioned by enterprises, with a total research fund of over 60 million RMB, and has won four national or provincial science awards and acquired 30 national patents. Besides, it has published more than 500 research papers in national/international journals/periodicals, and 15 academic works and textbooks.


Mechanics  ( 4-year undergraduate program )

Mechanics is a big category, which includes two subsidiary undergraduate majors: one is “Mechanical Design & Manufacturing and Automation”, and the other “Process Equipment and Control”. The students are recruited as majors of mechanics, but they graduate in two directions. Both majors are for undergraduate students who complete the studies of four years. In the first two years , over 20 “core courses”, generally required public courses and basic major courses are provided. In the last two years specialized instruction is performed, where different specialized basic courses and major courses are taught for different majors. This division in direction is made by following individual’s intentions, but with a view on the market needs and overall placement of students. Graduation project/thesis should be completed at the end of the fourth year.

Mechanical Design & Manufacturing and Automation (4-year undergraduate program )

This major was entitled as a “National Feature Major”, and a provincial “Key Major”. The students are required to know mechanical design, manufacturing and automation principles and applications. We aim at cultivating advanced and application-oriented talents who will be engaged in the design & manufacturing, scientific development, practical studies and operational management in the mechanical engineering domain. They will learn the basic principles of mechanical design, manufacturing and automation, microelectronics, industrial automation, computer, and information technology.

Key Courses: Mechanics, Mechanical Principles, Electric and Electronic Technologies, Mechanical Control Engineering Basic, Machine Manufacturing Engineering, Hydraulic Drive and Control, CAD/CAM, Electromechanical System Design, Engineering Testing, Electromechanical Drive and Control, Digital-controlled Manufacturing and Programming, Oil Drilling Equipment, Oil Production Equipment, Hydraulic Machinery, Heat Engineering and Machinery, and Modern Depth Drilling.

Process Equipment and Control  ( 4-year undergraduate program )

This major is a provincial “Feature Major and Key Major”. We aim at cultivating advanced and application-oriented talents who will be engaged in project engineering, technical development, manufacturing and installment, production management, quality control, engineering studies and operational management in oil and petrochemical equipment and process equipment in such sectors as oil, petrochemical, coal chemical, environment, medical, chemical, mechanical industries. The students will learn chemical engineering, mechanical engineering and dynamical engineering etc.

Key Courses: Mechanics, Mechanical Principles, Mechanical Design, Electric and Electronic Technologies, Engineering Fluid Mechanics, Thermodynamics Principles and Applications, Engineering Materials and Molding Technologies, Process Equipment Outfit, Process Equipment Control Technologies and Applications, Chemical Engineering Principles, Process Equipment Design Basic, Process Fluid Mechanics, Process Equipment Design, Equipment Manufacturing Processes, Chemical Equipment Corrosion and Protection, Fluid Sealing Technologies, Pressure Vessels and Pipes Safety Assessment and Process Equipment Monitoring and Treatment.

Civil Engineering  ( 4-year undergraduate program )

This major is targeted at cultivating advanced and application-oriented talents who are specialized in planning, design, studies, construction, budgeting, management, training and development in industrial and civil constructions, underground engineering, road and bridge construction etc. Three majors are provided: construction engineering, road and bridge geochemical engineering and project management. The specialized courses will be selected and optimized for the three modules. The students will learn civil engineering principles, civil engineering materials, structural design, foundation construction, civil construction and computer.

Key Courses: Material Mechanics, Structural Mechanics, Engineering Fluid Mechanics, Soil Mechanics, Construction Materials, Reinforced Concrete Structure, Steel Structure, Building Construction, Bridge Engineering, Road Survey and Engineering, Roadbed Engineering, Road Surface Engineering, Construction Technologies and Management, Foundation Treatment.

Heat Energy and Dynamic Engineering ( 4-year undergraduate program )

This major is targeted at cultivating advanced talents of engineering technologies who know heat energy engineering, heat transmission, fluid mechanics, power generating machine and power engineering. They will be specialized in design, manufacturing, operation, management, lab work, installation, research & development, and marketing of power generating machines (e.g. thermal power plant, oil and petrochemical thermal power equipment, hydropower engineering, refrigeration and cryogenic engineering, air-conditioning, etc.). The students will learn the basic principles of heat energy and power engineering, basic principles and technologies of energy transformations and its use, modern power engineering, and be capable of the design, operation and lab work of power generating and power engineering equipment.

Key Courses: Engineering Thermal Mechanics, Heat Transmission, Engineering Fluid Mechanics, Engineering Mechanics, Mechanical Design Basic, Engineering Drawing, Electric and Electronic Technologies, Higher Mathematics, College Physics, Probability Theory and Mathematic Statistics, Energy Conservation Technologies, Heat Source System and Equipment, Combustion Studies, Heat Exchanger Principles and Design, Kinetic Control Technologies, Heat Supply Engineering, Clean Coal Power Generating Technologies, Thermal Power Oil Production Technologies, Steam Turbine Principles, Boiler Principles, and Pumps and Fans.

Industrial Engineering ( 4-year undergraduate program )

This major is targeted at cultivating advanced and application-oriented talents who know industrial engineering basic principles and knowledge and have the practical ability. They will be engaged in industrial product molding and design, visual communication design, environment art layout, man-machine interface design and relevant educational or research work.

Key Courses: Engineering Drawing, Engineering Mechanics, Mechanical Design Basic, Design Material and Process Technologies, Design Sketch, Color, Plane Surface Construction, Three-dimensional Construction, Design Sketch Techniques, Photograph, Ichnography Design, Man-Machine Engineering, Design Model Building, Computer-aided Product Design, Product Development and Design, and Enterprise Image Design.

Electromechanical Engineering ( 4-year undergraduate program )

This major is targeted at cultivating advanced and application-oriented talents in mechanical industry automation, who should know the design, manufacturing, lab work, testing, management and maintenance, and are proficient in computer and English language. They are going to be engaged in theoretic research work, lab work and engineering design and development in the electromechanical domain. The students will learn the basic principles and specialized knowledge about electromechanical system design and control system design, etc.

Key Courses: Engineering Mechanics, Circuit Analysis Basic, Electronics Basic, PC Principle and Interface Technologies, Mechanical Principles, Mechanical Design, Automation Control Principles, Testing Technology and Data Processing, Electromechanical Drive and Control, Hydraulic Servo and Control System, Machine Manufacturing Engineering, Digital-control Principles and Programming, CAD/CAM, Robot Technologies and Applications, Computer Control of Electromechanical System and Design of Electromechanical System.

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