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College of Humanities

The College of Humanities of XSYU, which is the coalition of the former Humanities and Social Science Department and Chinese Language Department, was founded in April 2003. The college consists of 5 departments, namely Law Department, Chinese Language Department, Journalism Department, Department of Design and 1 Lab as well as 1 reference room. It also comprises 2 centers serving the whole university: Law Service Center and Psychological Consulting Service Center for College Students.

The college offers 5 undergraduate programs in Chinese Language & Literature, Science of Law, Journalism, Advertising and Art Design and 1 postgraduate program in Science of Law, with 1200 full-time students from all over the country. It also offers 4 minor subjects for all the undergraduates of the University, namely Science of Law, Psychology, Advertising, Public Relations & Secretary. Besides, the school undertakes the teaching of the basic courses (College Chinese and An Introduction to Chinese Traditional Culture), over 10 elective courses for all the students of the university and teaching of Chinese to the international students.

Chinese Language & Literature (4-year Undergraduate Program)

The specialty aims at foster talents with profound Chinese language and literature, refined literature theory accomplishment, broad vision of culture and ability to create works, who are qualified to be secretaries, administrators, editors, teachers, correspondents, etc.

Program course offerings include: An Introduction to Linguistics, Ancient Chinese, Modern Chinese, An Introduction to Literature, Modern and Contemporary Literature in China, Contrastive Literature, Foreign Literature, Western Literature Theory, Basic Writing, Practical Writing, An Introduction to Journalism, An Introduction to Communication, An Introduction to Editing, Secretarial Science, etc.

Journalism (4r-year Undergraduate Program)

The specialty of journalism aims to foster all-round talents not only expertise in  news practice but also with profound humanity qualities and innovation, to provide news organizations such as the press, news agencies, broadcast stations, TV stations with qualified professionals who can engage in news practice, publicizing activities and propaganda work.

Program course offerings include: Journalism, Journalistic History in China, Journalistic History in Foreign Countries, News Interview and Writing, Editing, Journalistic Photography, Journalistic Criticism, Journalistic Psychology, Broadcasting and Television, Press Laws and Professional Ethics, Advertising, Public Relations, Internet News Communication, etc.

Science of Law (4-year Undergraduate Program)

The specialty provides the society with intellectual talents with the basic theories of law and the analyzing methods of law, who have good abilities to adapt to the society and creativity. Graduates are qualified to work in state organs, enterprises and institutions and social organizations, especially in legislative and judicial branches, arbitration organization, law firms, etc.

Program course offerings include: Jurisprudence, History of Legal System in China, Constitutional Law, Judicial administrative law and judicial administrative procedure law, An Overview of Civil Law, An Overview of Business Law, Law of Intellectual Property Right, Economic Law, Criminal Law, Law of Criminal Procedure, Law of Civil Procedure, International Law, Private International Law, International Economic Law, etc.

Advertising  (4-year Undergraduate Program)

The philosophy of the specialty is to produce intercultural talents on advertisement management, advertising design, marketing design and market research analysis with a solid foundation, wide range and distinct features. It emphasizes creativity, humanity qualities, practical performance, social responsibility, learning ability and team spirits. Graduates in this major can work in advertising departments of mass media institutions, market research and information consultation companies, communication and public relations enterprises, etc.

Program course offerings include: Sketching, Coloring, Plane Formation, Three-dimension Constitution, Color Composing, An Introduction to Advertising, Advertisement Text, An Introduction to Designing, Application of Designing Software, An Overview of Photography, Movie & Film Advertisement, Advertising Psychology, Corporate Identity, Marketing, Advertising Management, Research on Mass Media, etc.

Art Design (4-year Undergraduate Program)

The specialty aims to cultivate students into talents with refined artistic accomplishment and artistically designing conception of indoors and outdoors environment who can engage in indoors and outdoors environment design and development in architecture designing and decoration designing institutions.

Program course offerings include: Sketching, Coloring, Plane Formation, Three-dimension Constitution, Color Composing, Spatial Constitution, An Introduction to Environment Art, Engineering Drafting and Identification of the Figure, Effect Figure Technique, Computer-aided designing, Principles on Public Architecture Design, City Landscape Design, Environment Art Design, Indoors environment Design, etc.

The faculty is comprised of 102 teachers, including 7 professors, 24 associate professors, and 38 lecturers.9 teachers are PhD holders, 54 master degree holders, 1 enjoying special subsidy of the State Council, 9 key teachers of the University, 2 provincial pacemakers. The school also engages the famous writer, vice chairman Chinese Writer Association, honorary president of Shaanxi Province Writer Association, winner of the Mao Dun Literary Prize Chen Zhongshi as the honorary president and professor of the school.

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