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Music Department

Found in 2001, the Music Department is the youngest branch of Xi'an Shiyou University. At present, it offers an undergraduate course in musicology. The department mow has advanced teaching facilities, with one separate art teaching building, 100rooms for practicing instruments, 20sets of listening equipment, many rooms for different majors, reference room, reading room, thousands of books, music scores and more than 10,000 musical tapes and videos. In addition, it also owns a medium-sized stadium for performance with a seating capacity of more than 2,000 and a concert hall containing more than 700 seats. The student enrollment number is 300.


Music Education (4-year undergraduate program )

The specialty aims to cultivate talents with basic knowledge of musical theories and skills,   some singing skills of vocal music (namely the singing methods of Bel canto, national skills of singing, popular singing skills), piano playing and accompaniment skills, creation and research of modern music and national folk music, computer-aided composing and performing skills, music criticism and musical education skills. The department has launched a four-year undergraduate program, and graduates are expected to engage in teaching, music edition, performance, music production, community intellectual and artistic activities, etc at school, broadcasting station, art troupes, art centers, etc.

Program course offerings include Vocalism, Piano, Instrumental Music, Basic Music Theory and Principle, Sign-sing and ear-training, Composing Theory, History of Domestic and Foreign Music and Music Appreciation, Basic Knowledge in Chorus and Conducting, Polyphony, Dancing Shape Training, A General Introduction of Folk Music, etc.

The department has a well-organized team of 28 teachers, 6 with senior professional title, 21 with intermediate professional title. It has also engaged the national famous composer, president of Chinese Musician Association, president of Xi’an Conservatory of Music Zhao Jiping as its honorary dean. The department seeks for the scientific teaching method during carrying forward traditional musical education. Its specialized courses are conducted in the form of “one face one” which means one teacher teaches one student, which is popular among students. Music Department of Xi'an Shiyou University has extensive exchanges with many art educational organizations and communities home and abroad. Up to now, lots of famous experts and scholars have signed the contract with the department as visiting professors.

The department has made a lot of achievements in recent years. Students now have got over 200 awards in all kinds of contests. In 2004, 2006 and 2008, the music department took part in the “PearlRiver Piano” Basic Piano Skills Contest for three times and got good achievements, including a “Third Team Prize” and a student getting the Third Prize in 2006, a “Third Team Prize ” and 3 students getting the Third Prize in 2008. In 2010, a student got the Second Prize in the “Keysburg Piano” Basic Piano Skills Contest. Besides, teachers of the department have also got over 40 awards in all kinds of national and provincial contests and published over 100 articles.

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